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Web Offers offer the ability to earn Linden Dollars (L$) in your web browser simply by completing surveys, installing a piece of software, or registering for a service.

Web Offers list example

The payout varies from L$30 to L$350 per individual offer.

Additionally, if you have apprentices and they complete web offers, then you will receive 3 points in the Master's Contest instead of just 1 (you receive 1 point for a completed Pay4Visit offer or Pay4Pick offer).


How to complete

It is simple to complete a web offer:

  1. Choose an offer from the list and click "Open details"
  2. Read the offer description and click "Start offer!" if you want to complete it.
  3. Follow the instructions written by our editor.
  4. After completing an offer, click on "Mark as completed" to finish.
  5. Wait for your payment from the completed offer.

If a web offer doesn't work, you may report that offer and explain the problem. An editor will check it out and if it's really broken, you will receive L$5.

Our system waits for the advertiser's notification. Once we receive a notification, we add your earnings to your Earn2Life.com balance. Notifications usually arrive in a few minutes, but can take up to several hours. Please be patient.

If you need further information about how to complete Web Offers, please refer to this article: Web Offers Instructions.


Most offers ask for your e-mail address. We suggest you create a separate email to use with web offers. Avoid using senseless email names like asdasdasd@someemail.com, and avoid using addresses from disposable email address providers.

Having a spare e-mail address can help reduce spam and phishing mail being sent to your main one. Remember! The Junk Mail system on every e-mail service isn't perfect. So some spam may leak through!

Never open attachments from e-mails that you do not recognize.


The payment depends on the offer's complexity and varies, going up to L$350 per offer. To learn more about Web Offer payments, please refer to this article: Web Offer Payments.


If a website asks for permission to install toolbars or any other application, it is best to kindly decline the offer. Toolbars can contain adware and in some severe cases, Spyware. Earn2Life does not promote Spyware or Adware and is completely safe but the same can't be said for Third Party Sites. Always keep your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware up-to-date when browsing the net! Browsing without one can leave you open to many attacks!

Only download Applications from Websites you trust!