Web Offers Instructions

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You can make money helping other members with web offers you have already completed.

Write instructions for more members who will complete the same offer and get paid!


1. First, fill Web Offer.

2. After you have been credited, you will notice that the offer that came in gaining a bit more.

3. Click on this link. You will see a list of offers that you have completed. Choose one and click on "Write!"

4. Write instructions and click "Save."

5. You will be paid as soon as our editor approve and check the instructions.

When you write instructions ==== advise you to write your own instructions when:

     1. You think the offer might be difficult to fill by other members.
     2. Identify a way faster to complete the offer.

You can compose your own instructions in a numbered list. For example:

1) Open the site and locate the "Join us"

2) Click the button and fill in the form '

3) Wait for confirmation e-mail

An alternate method is to make a brief suggestion by members. For example: "We had problems completing the registration form, but in the end I realized that phone number must be written without dashes"

Do not copy original instructions other members! Writing instruction in the same language as the Web offer.