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Member's Area

The member's area of the (E2L) website allows members to access their personal account information. Here you can track all your E2L activities and access status and profile information. This is an excellent tool for members to view the offers they have completed. It also allows them to see when certain offers expire, so they can keep track of their E2L earnings. It is a great place to find helpful information about E2L and its various programs as well.

The member's area of the E2L website needs to be visited to transfer earnings to the ATM in Second Life and the funds can be withdrawn in-world.

It's also provides members with the latest updates ,programs and jobs in E2L. The wiki for more information about any activity or option

How to Access the Member's Area

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your login name and password, or click "Sign Up" if you don't have an account.
  3. Click on the "Account Main Page" link just below your username.

Member's Area Sections

You can access your E2L account details using the member's area pages, including these listed below:

  • Main Page - The account summary page featuring your profile and statistics.
  • Edit Profile - Second Life name, email, and other information can be updated here.
  • My Messages - Messages received from other E2L members.
  • My Earnings - Details of your earnings and your withdrawal history. Here you can withdraw money from your account to an In-World ATM

Money-making Programs

Here is a list of money-making programs offered by E2L:

  • In-world offers - General and detailed information about Pay4Visit Offers and Pay4Picks Offers. This web page allows you to check for a newer version of the HUD Device as well as download it.
  • E2L community - This page lists your contributions to the community as a wiki editor, translator or writer (where you make requests for submitted articles).
  • Web Offers - Access Web Offers available to you and review your Web Offers history. This page also shows current offers you have accepted but not yet completed.
  • 2Life Promo Team - 2Life Promo Team is a new project run by The Team members earn money by promoting services in Second Life.
  • Pay4Links Offers - Pay4Links Offers require you to keep a specific text in your profile for an amount of time.

E2L Network

These links are also available for you to use for your network in E2L:

  • My Friends - this is your friends list. You may leave a message for them, view their profile, and even remove them from this list if you wish.
  • My Apprentices - here are: Your personal E2L link, information about place you occupy in Master's Contest and your apprentices (referrals) and their earnings

Support and Logout

  • Help Desk - You can send your account questions to the E2L Help Desk and if you faced any problem (be sure to check the E2L forum first to see if others in the community can help you).
  • Logout - This option allows you to safely logout of your E2L account.

In-world Devices

The in-world devices are those objects like the HUD, ATM, or the stands with Pay4Surf Offers. To find out more about them, please acces this article: In-world Devices.