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Pay4Picks offers allow you to earn money in Second Life by adding specific places to the "Picks" tab of your profile.


How to complete Pay4Picks offers

  1. Choose the Pay4Picks offer using the HUD Device.
  2. Wait for landmark to accept it. (May take up to 3 minutes)
  3. Teleport and add the place to your Picks.
  4. Click the "Done!" button on your E2L HUD Device.
  5. You must NOT remove this pick until the given time!

Read the detailed instructions in the Pay4Picks Step by Step article.


  1. Your SL avatar has to be more than 21 days old.
  2. Your profile must not be hidden from SL Search.
  3. There must be picks available. If the E2L HUD Device displays 0, it means there aren't any available at the current time.

How Pay4Picks offers work

The image below shows how the Pay4Picks offers work:

Pay4Picks completing instructions
  1. You complete the Pay4Picks offer (read above).
  2. System verifies that you have the pick (this takes about 24 hours).
  3. System pays you: you can withdraw your earnings.
  4. You keep the pick in your profile for a required time (1-2 months).
  5. Once the offer term is over, the system pays you the second payment[1]. Now you can delete the pick.

Do not delete the pick from your profile until you receive the second payment!

  1. Only if you kept the pick for more than 15 days

Important notes

  • Pay4Picks offers work in a very reliable way. Just be careful and do not delete the pick from your profile before the required time has expired, otherwise you will incur a Linden fine.
  • If you remove too many picks before their expiration date, your E2L account may be blocked.
  • Some of the areas are labeled as "Adult," meaning you cannot teleport there unless you have adult verification ("Adult" is used for extremely graphic sex, BDSM, or gore/violence).
  • You can see which picks you currently have running, along with their payment and expiration date, by looking at your account main page.

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