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Pay4Visit offers allow you to visit many new and exciting places in Second Life, while getting paid for it.


Information of the Pay4Visit service

Using Pay4Visit allows you to explore locations from shopping malls filled with clothes, vehicles and other gadgets to cozy, warm areas where you hang out with other residents.

Pay4Vists requires you to spend a certain amount of time within the selected location, which can be as short as 1 second up to many minutes. Normally, the longer the time, the more lindens are paid to you, but this is not always the case.

You are allowed to spend your time freely while waiting within these locations such as building, interacting with other residents, reading signs and playing games. However, keep in mind that the Earn2Life HUD will periodically check for interaction so be sure to keep moving and explore otherwise the offer may be cancelled. This is to prevent camping and ensure that honest residents are paid their money.

Occasionally, the Earn2Life HUD will also require you to click "I am alive" in red located on the HUD, another measure to ensure you are not a bot. Failure to do so will result in the offer being cancelled. Be sure to keep an ear open for an alarm, indicating that the text needs to be clicked.

Pay4Visit offers are virtually endless with more offers appearing each day and you can go directly to another offer after completing one. However, You will be required to have a rank of Silver on Earn2Life to do so, otherwise you must wait 15 minutes before you can attempt another offer.

How to complete Pay4Visit offers

The image below describes how to complete the Pay4Visit offers:

Completing Pay4Visits instructions
  1. Choose a Pay4Visit offer using the HUD Device.
  2. The system will send you a landmark.
  3. Teleport to that place.
  4. Stay there for the required time.
  5. There might be a quick questionnaire about the parcel you are visiting; be sure to look around and answer the questions honestly (read more here)
  6. Get paid!

(Note: Sometimes the hud will give you a message that the offer is unavailable at this time due to the customer of the offer limiting a certain amount of visitors per hour) Sometimes the hud will tell you there are no available offers inworld and to check back later or go to Also, read the article describing how to complete Pay4Visit offer step-by-step.

Activity verification

Button and movement

You will be prompted to click on the Earn2Life HUD from time to time during your offer. A beep sounds you're prompted to click the words "I am alive." This ensures that you are actually in Second Life instead of having the SL client minimized or doing other things. Be sure to have your sound turned up or you may miss the warning. If you do not press the "I am alive" words when indicated, you will get a notice message and eventually your offer can be canceled.

The HUD will also check if you are moving around and prompt you accordingly.

Verification questions

After the required visit time has elapsed, a dialog box may pop up telling you that the owner requires a number of questions be answered for the offer to be completed. This is to verify that you actually moved around the location and saw the items for sale or of interest. This does not always pop up; it is an option for the client as a security measure against bots. Click 'Go' on this pop up to get the questions.

The questions are usually straightforward and concern things you should have seen at the location. You should get 2 tries to answer the questions, but if you fail both tries your offer is canceled and you may not be able to do that offer again for a while.

Fox Hunt

Another way to keep busy during Pay4Visit offers is the Fox Hunt. You must find 3 bright, glowing squares of a fox in order to complete this type of offer. These may be positioned anywhere on the parcel, and an indicator will appear just below the HUD telling you which direction to go, and how high or low they may be situated in relation to your avatar. (Hint: Some foxes may be located thousands of meters above you in a skybox. If this is the case, look for a teleporter near where you arrive). You do not need to find all foxes in the time allowed for the offer, but you must keep moving in order to keep the offer valid. After finding all foxes, you will be notified of your earnings. Usually, you may earn extra lindens than the initial offer payment.


When you start a pay4visit, please read the instructions (if provided) so that you are able to finish the objective. To do this, open your note cards folder in your inventory, and if you have accepted the notecard, it will be the top notecard. Read carefully to understand the directions and do what needs to be done because if you don't, the timer will tick, and you'll be out of luck!

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