Team Leaders' Contest

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Team Leaders' Contest (former Master's Contest) is a weekly contest running at Every member who has apprentices participates in this contest automatically.




Contest goals and prizes

The goal of the contest is to gain active apprentices. An Active apprentice is the one who completed at least one Pay4Visit or Pay4Picks offer during the last week.

The winner will be awarded every Monday with L$1,000.

Additionally, we reward the random participant of the contest with L$500.

The list of top participants is available at the main page: Every member can check his or her contest stats in E2L account, "Apprentices" section.

How we determine the winner

We calculate how much points each team leader gained during the last week:

The team leader who has most points wins the contest this week.

Very important! We count only apprentices who have actually withdrawn the money to Second Life at least once. Please instruct your apprentices how to get E2L earnings!


  1. The Winner of the current week does not participate in next two contests.
  2. The team leaders who were not logged in during the last month do not participate in the contest.
  3. officials can not participate in the Team Leaders' contest.

How to get more active apprentices?

Need more help?

Feel free to contact our staff by submitting a help ticket.