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Job: Wiki Editor

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Earn2Life.com is gathering information about the services we provide and compiling everything in the E2L Wiki page which you are currently reading.

We need editors and translators to create and update E2L Wiki content, so we appreciate all your help!



  • Knowledge of E2L services.
  • Grammatical English or other natural language (if you are translating an article).

How much we pay

We pay up to L$550 for every contribution you make to E2L Wiki:

  1. We pay L$10 for every mistake you locate and correct in a page.
  2. We pay L$50 for every minor change (adding 2-3 sentences, or a screenshot to an article).
  3. We pay L$100 for every significant update you make to Wiki article (e.g. adding more than 50% of the article content).
  4. We pay L$200 for a translation of the Wiki article into your own language.
  5. We pay L$550 for every new Wiki article you write.

Important notes:

The new article (5) may be considered as a significant update (3) if it is short and lacks important information.

If you wish to edit the Information article (the main Wiki page), edit Information(draft) article instead.

How to start

Visit the Article Requests page to see which articles the Wiki demands.

For translations, search the wiki for a missing article or for mistakes till you find one

How to get paid

  1. Create a Wiki editor account (click here)
  2. Locate an article and edit it.
  3. Login to your E2L account and click E2L Community menu link.
  4. Submit the changes you've made.

Also ...

  1. If you want to translate a page, but that page is already translated, Do not change it!
  2. And please make another page for the article you want to translate. For more helpful information about how to create a wiki page please access this link: Editing Help.
  3. Do not copy other member's work. Please create rather than steal
  4. Please take notice that we need our articles to have a formal look, so don't use any emoticons or other things like that.
  5. Be sure to submit a new request for every individual change you make. Only one change per request will be paid for.
  6. When submitting changes, make sure you link only to the page you have changed. Do not link to the edit itself, only the article that you changed.
  7. Every article (payment request) that doesn't meet these requirements will be rejected!

Ready to go

Now that you have read all these things, you are ready to go. Please keep in mind that we don't need pointless articles, therefore please create only pages that would really help someone.


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