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Job: Support Manager

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Dear E2L Wiki translators,

The translation of this page is not required. Please do not translate this page.

We are hiring support managers for the group inviter service, SmartBots:

Support Manager's job is to talk to customers (existing and potential) and help them to use SmartBots' services.

(Important notice: You don't have to look for customers! They contact you themselves.)


  1. Knowledge of English (other languages are welcome too)
  2. Knowledge of SL groups: you have to know how to create a role, how to provide abilities etc.
  3. Regular presence in SL
  4. Civility and grammatical correctness ("hey dude! hou cn Ihelp ya?" is absolutelly inappropriate)


The payments depends on number of customers you help. We pay:

  1. L$70 for every NEW customer you help (the resident who become customer after the talk)
  2. L$45 for every EXISTING customer you help

The contact board with your photo will be located in SmartBots office so customers will see you are online and ready to help. You will talk and get paid by sending us the chat copy.

Complete the following form, and send it as a notecard to Glaznah Gassner:


SL Name:
Language(s) you speak:
In which country do you live:
How much time you spend online in Second Life per week:

Are you able to translate the website texts from English to your language? YES/NO

Have you visited SmartBots website?
What are 3 services provided by SmartBots?
Do you know the difference between direct and indirect group invitation?


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