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Apprentice Commission

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Refer your friends, relatives and other people you know and let your downline work for you!


Do I need to refer?

You don't have to refer, even though it's encouraged to do as much as possible. It is very easy to refer other people. Once you refer anyone to Earn2Life.com, this member will also refer others. Each new member that your referrals refer will also earn money for you!

So all you need to do is to refer a few people and the rest will work out by itself. Referring people helps you get more lindens while letting people see the amazing things earn2life.com has to offer.

How do I refer?

Apprentices howto.JPG

There are several ways to refer people to Earn2Life.com, but first you'll need your referral link. Get your referral link by logging into Earn2Life and clicking on the My Apprentices link. This will open another page, on which you will see your referral link. It should be near the top of the page. you will see it labelled with "Your personal E2L link:"

Once you have your referral link you can do any number of these things:

  1. Post your referral link in your profile in Second Life.
  2. Post your referral link, along with a description of what it is, in a Facebook or Myspace profile.
  3. Create a script that opens the referral link when touched in Second Life and attach it to an Ad or object.
  4. Create a script that opens the referral link when touched in Second Life and attach it to a piece of your clothing, standing text would also be a good idea here.
  5. E-mail your referral link to friends who are thinking about joining Second Life.

Using these methods your referrals should stack up quickly, and Earn2Life will grow even bigger.

If you need to know even more things about this referral link, please acces this article: Referral Link. In this article you will see how the referral link looks like and also how to select a banner for it.

Additional bonuses

There are some Masters who offer bonuses to their Apprentices, such as:

  • free product/services
  • certain percentage off the product/service
  • a coupon for the paid services that his organization provides.

Some apprentices find this nice because they are getting something for doing this program and increases your Return on Investment. This is a WIN/WIN operation for both Master and Apprentice and it keeps your Apprentices within you services.

Commission amount

The referral compensation plan is shown in the chart below:

Earn2Life.com referral commission


If you refer just 3 people and each of your direct and indirect referrals also refers an average of 3 people, you will end up with 363 referrals in your downline. And if each of them complete at least 10 offers a day, your daily earnings will be at least L$3,345.


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