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Second Life name: Loder Lexenstar

SL born date: May 27th, 2009
Joined E2L: July 05th, 2010

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This member's rating is 44% (occupies 2nd place in this week's Master's Contest).

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Team Loder is a group of earn2life members I help to earn lindens and maximise earning potential with earn2life. I'm an experienced earn2life member, making the most of what it has to offer, and able to pass down this knowledge to the benefit of my apprentices. All apprentices are invited to join my group Team Loder for on-going support and help. I give regular updates through chat and notices.

~ Loder Lexenstar
Master of Team Loder, Elite Member


This is the testimonial member post about E2L:

I highly recommend earn2life as a simple, but effective way of making Lindens in Second Life. Within a short space of time I have built up my own line of apprentice's and successfully won the Master's Contest, winning $L1000. The website provides plenty of detailed statistics to help your progress.

~ Loder Lexenstar
Master of Team Loder, Elite Member


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